The Largest Nuclear Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Monroe County MI Nuclear9,588,132MWh11
Rockingham County NH Nuclear9,537,719MWh11
PSEG Hope Creek Generating StationPSEG (100.00%)
Salem County NJ Nuclear9,185,738MWh11
Coffey County KS Nuclear9,005,805MWh11
Clinton Power StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
De Witt County IL Nuclear8,911,962MWh11
Red Wing MN Nuclear8,897,888MWh11
Columbia Generating StationEnergy Northwest (100.00%)
Benton County WA Nuclear8,528,743MWh11
Wake County NC Nuclear7,910,649MWh11
PerryEnergy Harbor Nuclear Generation LLC (100.00%)
North Perry OH Nuclear7,793,609MWh11
Davis BesseEnergy Harbor Nuclear Generation LLC (100.00%)
Ottawa County OH Nuclear7,665,041MWh11
Fairfield County SC Nuclear7,513,827MWh11
James A FitzpatrickExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Oswego County NY Nuclear6,795,907MWh11
Nemaha County NE Nuclear5,786,078MWh11
Darlington County SC Nuclear5,572,452MWh11
West Feliciana Parish LA Nuclear5,068,856MWh11
Monticello Nuclear FacilityNorthern States Power Company (100.00%)
Monticello MN Nuclear4,979,708MWh11
R E Ginna Nuclear Power PlantExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Wayne County NY Nuclear4,712,696MWh11
Maricopa County AZ Nuclear31,524,067MWh11
Limestone County AL Nuclear29,484,945MWh11
Van Buren County MI Nuclear2,730,230MWh116/2022
York County PA Nuclear22,260,805MWh11
Oconee County SC Nuclear22,206,608MWh11
Burke County GA Nuclear21,173,515MWh11
Matagorda County TX Nuclear20,617,749MWh11
Byron Generating StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Ogle County IL Nuclear20,013,234MWh11
Luzerne County PA Nuclear19,690,253MWh11
Somervell County TX Nuclear19,562,515MWh11
Rhea County TN Nuclear19,483,289MWh11
PSEG Salem Generating StationExelon Corporation (42.59%)PSEG (57.41%)
Salem County NJ Nuclear19,457,651MWh11
Braidwood Generation StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Will County IL Nuclear19,454,230MWh11
LaSalle Generating StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
LaSalle County IL Nuclear19,289,363MWh11
Mecklenburg County NC Nuclear19,262,805MWh11
Montgomery County PA Nuclear19,163,489MWh11
San Luis Obispo County CA Nuclear18,378,538MWh118/2025
Hamilton County TN Nuclear18,207,542MWh11
Berrien County MI Nuclear18,189,640MWh11
York County SC Nuclear17,852,718MWh11
Hutchinson Island South CDP FL Nuclear15,909,453MWh11
Louisa County VA Nuclear15,677,416MWh11
Brunswick County NC Nuclear15,642,560MWh11
Alex Zdanov
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Published: 2023-11-30