The Largest Other Biomass Gas Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Total Energy FacilitiesLos Angeles County Sanitation (100.00%)
Los Angeles CA Other Biomass Gas146,459MWh76,501,296.1kg1522.3kg/MWh41
Hyperion Treatment Plant CHP PlantExelon (100.00%)
Los Angeles CA Other Biomass Gas88,871MWh52,195,228.3kg2587.3kg/MWh30
Orbit Energy RIEntropy Investment Management, LLC (100.00%)
Providence County RI Other Biomass Gas-2,527MWh41,707,341kg3N/A116
DC Water CHPDC Water (100.00%)
Washington DC Other Biomass Gas55,721MWh29,019,079.6kg4520.8kg/MWh44
Plant No 2 Orange CountyOrange County Sanitation Dist (100.00%)
Huntington Beach CA Other Biomass Gas44,746MWh24,000,104.4kg5536.4kg/MWh39
Sacramento County CA Natural Gas59,673MWh20,675,851.5kg6346.5kg/MWh57
BioTown AgBioTown Ag (100.00%)
White County IN Other Biomass Gas36,903MWh19,874,077.6kg7538.5kg/MWh38
Plant No 1 Orange CountyOrange County Sanitation Dist (100.00%)
Fountain Valley CA Other Biomass Gas29,500MWh16,314,051.7kg8553.0kg/MWh36
Metro Wastewater Reclamation DistrictENGIE Denver Metro LLC (100.00%)
Commerce City CO Other Biomass Gas35,983MWh15,839,433.6kg9440.2kg/MWh49
Green Cow PowerGreen Cow Power LLC (100.00%)
Elkhart County IN Other Biomass Gas22,440MWh13,808,703.7kg10615.4kg/MWh23
PWD Northeast WPCP Biogas Cogen PlantBAL Green Biogas I LLC (100.00%)
Philadelphia PA Other Biomass Gas23,146MWh12,085,863.6kg11522.2kg/MWh42
SJ/SC WPCPSan Jose/Santa Clara Water P C (100.00%)
San Jose CA Natural Gas26,459MWh11,782,868.2kg12445.3kg/MWh48
ABEC Bidart-Old River LLCABEC Bidart-Old River LLC (100.00%)
Kern County CA Other Biomass Gas13,860MWh10,596,297.1kg13764.5kg/MWh10
Hometown Bio Energy LLCHometown Bio Energy LLC (100.00%)
Le Sueur MN Other Biomass Gas19,475MWh10,536,364.5kg14541.0kg/MWh37
Power Generation Station (PGS) 2East Bay Municipal Util Dist (100.00%)
Oakland CA Other Biomass Gas24,714MWh8,413,835.1kg15340.4kg/MWh58
Gas Utilization FacilitySan Diego Gas and Electric (100.00%)
San Diego CA Other Biomass Gas10,449MWh7,467,046.3kg16714.6kg/MWh12
Encina Water Pollution ControlEncina Joint Powers Authority (100.00%)
Carlsbad CA Other Biomass Gas12,975MWh7,359,521.7kg17567.2kg/MWh35
WWTP Power Generation StationEast Bay Municipal Util Dist (100.00%)
Oakland CA Other Biomass Gas23,746MWh7,115,209.3kg18299.6kg/MWh68
Chatham County GA Black Liquour7,261MWh7,070,741.5kg19973.7kg/MWh4
Rock Creek DairyNew Energy One LLC (100.00%)
Twin Falls County ID Other Biomass Gas8,379MWh6,942,180.7kg20828.5kg/MWh5
ABEC #2 dba West-Star DairyABEC #2 LLC (100.00%)
Kern County CA Other Biomass Gas8,384MWh6,877,405.6kg21820.3kg/MWh6
Durham AWTFClean Water Services (100.00%)
Tigard OR Other Biomass Gas11,246MWh6,435,227.2kg22572.2kg/MWh33
Zeeland Farm ServicesZeeland Farm Services (100.00%)
Ottawa County MI Other Biomass Gas13,148MWh6,287,140.1kg23478.2kg/MWh47
Tulare BioMAT Fuel CellFuel Cell Energy (100.00%)
Tulare CA Other Biomass Gas14,558MWh5,963,889.5kg24409.7kg/MWh54
Big Sky Dairy DigesterDF-AP #1 LLC (100.00%)
Gooding County ID Other Biomass Gas9,781MWh5,802,524.6kg25593.2kg/MWh26
MMSD South Shore WastewaterMilwaukee Metro Sewerage Dist (100.00%)
WI Other Biomass Gas20,878MWh5,778,312kg26276.8kg/MWh71
GL Dairy BiogasGL Dairy Biogas LLC (100.00%)
Dane County WI Other Biomass Gas9,340MWh5,672,870.3kg27607.4kg/MWh25
ABEC #4 dba CE&S DairyABEC #4 LLC (100.00%)
Kern County CA Other Biomass Gas7,529MWh5,578,779.8kg28741.0kg/MWh11
Deer Island Treatment PlantMassachusetts Wtr Rauth-Deer I (100.00%)
Boston MA Other Biomass Gas25,686MWh5,534,676.5kg29215.5kg/MWh77
Missouri River Wastewater TreatmentOmaha City of (100.00%)
Omaha NE Other Biomass Gas8,762MWh5,188,723.4kg30592.2kg/MWh28
Cargill B6 BiofactoryPico Energy, LLC (100.00%)
Gooding County ID Other Biomass Gas11,947MWh5,051,727.3kg31422.8kg/MWh52
South District Wastewater Treatment PltMiami Dade Water & Sewer Dept (100.00%)
Miami-Dade County FL Other Biomass Gas15,414MWh4,890,258.2kg32317.3kg/MWh63
Hidden View Dairy, LLCT & M Limited Partnership (100.00%)
Jasper County IN Other Biomass Gas4,872MWh4,810,747.3kg33987.4kg/MWh3
Regional Wastewater Control FacilityCity of Stockton MUD (100.00%)
Stockton CA Other Biomass Gas6,066MWh4,781,119.5kg34788.2kg/MWh8
ABEC #3 dba Lakeview DairyABEC #3 LLC (100.00%)
Kern County CA Other Biomass Gas6,689MWh4,698,432.3kg35702.4kg/MWh14
Akron WRFCity of Akron (100.00%)
Akron OH Other Biomass Gas7,940MWh4,684,946.2kg36590.0kg/MWh29
Southside Water Reclamation PlantAlbuquerque City of (100.00%)
South Valley CDP NM Natural Gas8,001MWh4,666,565.5kg37583.2kg/MWh31
Richland Center Renewable Energy LLCRichland Center Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Richland County WI Other Biomass Gas7,485MWh4,289,682.8kg38573.1kg/MWh32
West Point Treatment PlantKing County Dept-Natural Res (100.00%)
WA Other Biomass Gas13,105MWh4,190,385.3kg39319.8kg/MWh61
Verwey-Hanford Dairy Digester #3Hanford Renewable Energy LLC (100.00%)
Kings County CA Other Biomass Gas5,697MWh3,935,086.1kg40690.7kg/MWh15
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Published: 2021-06-02Last Updated: 2022-03-09