The Largest Other Biomass Gas Power Plants in the US

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeMWh GeneratedCO2 EmissionsRank EmissionsCO2 Emissions/MWhRant Emissions/MWhClosing Date
Hyperion Treatment Plant CHP PlantExelon (100.00%)
Los Angeles CA Other Biomass Gas83,334MWh51,564,608.6kg1618.8kg/MWh2
Walt Bailey Bioenergy FacilityDC Water (100.00%)
Washington DC Other Biomass Gas58,042MWh30,310,988.4kg2522.2kg/MWh8
Metro Wastewater Reclamation DistrictENGIE Denver Metro LLC (100.00%)
Commerce City CO Other Biomass Gas38,150MWh16,636,521.2kg3436.1kg/MWh11
SJ/SC WPCPSan Jose/Santa Clara Water P C (100.00%)
San Jose CA Other Biomass Gas35,195MWh15,344,352.1kg4436.0kg/MWh12
PWD Northeast WPCP Biogas Cogen PlantBAL Green Biogas I LLC (100.00%)
Philadelphia PA Other Biomass Gas17,742MWh9,785,098.5kg5551.5kg/MWh6
WWTP Power Generation StationEast Bay Municipal Util Dist (100.00%)
Oakland CA Other Biomass Gas25,656MWh7,693,030.1kg6299.8kg/MWh18
Encina Water Pollution ControlEncina Joint Powers Authority (100.00%)
Carlsbad CA Other Biomass Gas13,359MWh7,538,850.8kg7564.3kg/MWh5
Gas Utilization FacilitySan Diego Gas and Electric (100.00%)
San Diego CA Other Biomass Gas25,055MWh7,430,805.6kg8296.6kg/MWh19
Durham AWTFClean Water Services (100.00%)
Tigard OR Other Biomass Gas9,933MWh7,304,796.2kg9735.4kg/MWh1
Missouri River Wastewater TreatmentOmaha City of (100.00%)
Omaha NE Other Biomass Gas11,947MWh7,074,959.2kg10592.2kg/MWh4
Carson Ice-Gen ProjectCentral Valley Financing Auth (100.00%)
Sacramento County CA Natural Gas15,799MWh6,572,223.3kg11416.0kg/MWh15
Southside Water Reclamation PlantAlbuquerque City of (100.00%)
South Valley CDP NM Other Biomass Gas12,116MWh6,361,964.7kg12525.1kg/MWh7
Sacramento County CA Natural Gas15,805MWh5,651,469.5kg13357.6kg/MWh16
Deer Island Treatment PlantMassachusetts Wtr Rauth-Deer I (100.00%)
Boston MA Other Biomass Gas25,943MWh5,590,131.1kg14215.5kg/MWh22
South District Wastewater Treatment PltMiami Dade Water & Sewer Dept (100.00%)
Miami-Dade County FL Other Biomass Gas12,461MWh3,953,362.7kg15317.3kg/MWh17
Akron WRFCity of Akron (100.00%)
Akron OH Other Biomass Gas7,946MWh3,867,551.3kg16486.7kg/MWh9
Papillion Creek WastewaterOmaha City of (100.00%)
Sarpy County NE Other Biomass Gas6,072MWh2,631,149.2kg17433.3kg/MWh14
Molson Coors Shenandoah BreweryMillerCoors Shenandoah Brewery (100.00%)
Rockingham County VA Other Biomass Gas5,271MWh2,488,998.1kg18472.2kg/MWh10
Oxnard Wastewater Treatment PlantOxnard City of (100.00%)
Oxnard CA Other Biomass Gas5,049MWh2,187,825.2kg19433.3kg/MWh13
Kishwaukee CHP PlantRock River Water Reclamation District (100.00%)
Rockford IL Other Biomass Gas9,458MWh2,168,767.6kg20229.3kg/MWh21
Bayville Central FacilityOcean County Utilities Auth (100.00%)
Ocean County NJ Other Biomass Gas3,549MWh973,917.3kg21274.5kg/MWh20
Anheuser-Busch St LouisAnheuser-Busch Inc (100.00%)
St. Louis MO Natural Gas2,987MWh603,178.9kg22201.9kg/MWh23
PCA, Filer City MillPCA, Filer City Mill (100.00%)
Filer City CDP MI Natural Gas302MWh179,172.9kg23592.4kg/MWh3
Nick Reese
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Published: 2023-11-30