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Electricity In Illinois

  • Population12,671,821
  • Total Consumption132,982,055 MWh / 10.49 MWh per capita
  • CO2 Equivalent Emissions38,311,512,181 kg
  • Total Production176,551,819 MWh / 13.93 MWh per capita
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Residential Electricity Bills & Rates in Illinois

Illinois residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in January.

Historical Electric Rates:

Price Per kWHAverage Bill$0.143/kWh$0.115/kWh$133.49/mo.$68.93/mo.
33rd12.83¢Average residential price per kWh in the state of Illinois
6th$93.44Average residential monthly electricity bill for Illinois Residents

Energy Profile of Illinois

Illinois's Electricity Prices and Usage

The Illinois residential electricity rate in 2021 averages 12.83 cents per kilowatt hour. This is 3.77% less than the US average rate of 13.33 cents. Illinois ranks as the 33rd lowest priced state in the country based on average electric rate. The state has 73 electric providers, and with a deregulated electricity market, consumers likely have many options to choose from when buying electricity. The US average monthly residential power bill is $120.11, while the Illinois average is $93.44 per month. Illinois ranks 6th in the country for best average electricity bill amount. With a population of 12,671,821 citizens, the state is the 6th largest state by population in the country. The state had a rise of 17.24% in the generation of electricity from wind turbines and wind production now makes up 9.96% of the total generation in the state. Power production facilities in the state generate 32.76% more electricity than the state uses, meaning the excess electricity can be stored for later use or exported.

Residential Electricity Providers in Illinois

ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Average Bill ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Sales (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Residential Revenues ($)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Production (MWh)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State Emissions (KG)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Commonwealth Edison13.1380.1419,717,8362,589,101,970No DataIcon representing missing value.8,188,319,897.37
Ameren Illinois10.0691.64,927,364495,809,389No DataIcon representing missing value.2,235,791,073.93
Homefield Energy5.6046.64,082,340228,695,100No DataIcon representing missing value.2,111,027,347.64
MidAmerican Energy8.3061.73922,19976,528,8593,933,561.52,002,973,585.7
City Water, Light and Power Springfield11.92107.75650,23077,520,5001,057,087.013,742,698,959.26
Naperville Electric13.21101.62500,77766,132,700No DataIcon representing missing value.367,459,285.64
Ambit Energy7.2748.42473,08534,410,200No DataIcon representing missing value.318,973,125.7
Corn Belt Energy Corporation13.32131.13401,15053,418,600No DataIcon representing missing value.187,030,351.29
SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative13.28164.35327,45743,493,000No DataIcon representing missing value.260,359,549.78
Southwestern Electric Cooperative13.14156.02324,95942,690,400917256,591,083.52

Power Plants in Illinois

PlantArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.City/CountyArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Primary Fuel TypeArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Production (MWh)Arrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.Emission (KG)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Emissions/MWh (KG/MWh)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Toxic Chemical ReleaseArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Closing DateArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Braidwood Generation StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Braceville Nuclear 20,196,943294,979,725.5414.61No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Byron Generating StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Braceville Nuclear 20,113,567315,706,509.9715.7No DataIcon representing missing value.9/2021
LaSalle Generating StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
LaSalle County Nuclear 18,520,826247,065,418.3613.34No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Rock Island County Nuclear 15,703,810231,490,357.414.74No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Dresden Generating StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Grundy County Nuclear 15,359,824238,687,184.9315.54No DataIcon representing missing value.11/2021
Prairie State Generating StationIndiana Municipal Power Agency (12.64%)Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (15.17%)Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (7.90%)Wabash Valley Power Association (2.65%)American Municipal Power (23.26%)Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission (12.33%)Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency (7.60%)Kentucky Municipal Power Agency (7.82%)Prairie Power Inc (8.22%)Lively Grove Energy Partners LLC (2.41%)
Randolph County Coal 11,271,814.999,980,732,168.28885.46YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.
Clinton Power StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
De Witt County Nuclear 9,351,377140,645,220.6815.04No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Kendall County Generation FacilityDynegy Energy Services (100.00%)
Minooka Natural Gas 6,661,7712,679,944,345.54402.29No DataIcon representing missing value.No DataIcon representing missing value.
Baldwin Energy ComplexDynegy Energy Services (100.00%)
Randolph County Coal 6,117,357.016,130,782,455.571,002.19No DataIcon representing missing value.12/2025
Madison Coal 4,930,949.015,009,107,994.131,015.85YesNo DataIcon representing missing value.

Quick Facts

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Ranking 5th in wind power generation in the US, Illinois has a total yield of 17,583,925.02 megawatt hours from wind power.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

The average Illinois citizen uses 10.49 megawatt hours of electricity each year, which ranks the state as the 36th highest state for electricity consumption per capita.

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By megawatt hours sold, the largest electricity company in the state of Illinois is Commonwealth Edison.

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With 164,770.88 megawatt hours produced from solar, Illinois is the 34th ranked state for total solar electricity production.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

Illinois uses non-renewable fuels to generate 12.49 megawatt hours per citizen, making them the 15th highest state for non-renewable production per capita.

Light BulbIcon representing an idea.

In the past year, there has been a 1.26% decrease in the use of non-renewable fuel sources for electricity production in Illinois.

CountyArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PopulationArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProvidersArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.PlantsArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Avg. Electric BillArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
Adams County65,4357No DataIcon representing missing value.9.46$89.00/mo
Alexander County5,7618No DataIcon representing missing value.10.53$98.74/mo
Bond County16,4268No DataIcon representing missing value.9.61$91.34/mo
Boone County53,5445111.36$76.62/mo
Brown County6,578719.46$89.00/mo
Bureau County32,62810610.05$81.40/mo
Calhoun County4,7397No DataIcon representing missing value.10.31$94.83/mo
Carroll County14,3055No DataIcon representing missing value.10.20$64.28/mo
Cass County12,1478No DataIcon representing missing value.9.78$90.19/mo
Champaign County209,689769.41$95.56/mo
Christian County32,304829.81$91.79/mo
Clark County15,441819.36$85.93/mo
Clay County13,1849410.17$99.45/mo
Clinton County37,5629310.19$103.35/mo
Coles County50,6218No DataIcon representing missing value.9.48$90.48/mo
Cook County5,150,23352010.86$96.10/mo
Crawford County18,6677No DataIcon representing missing value.8.43$79.06/mo
Cumberland County10,766919.57$83.80/mo
De Witt County15,6388310.18$80.20/mo
DeKalb County104,8978110.03$64.63/mo
Douglas County19,465919.49$94.03/mo
DuPage County922,9216612.06$83.71/mo
Edgar County17,1617No DataIcon representing missing value.9.73$88.65/mo
Edwards County6,3957No DataIcon representing missing value.9.48$86.83/mo
Effingham County34,0081019.89$92.17/mo
Fayette County21,336819.04$86.14/mo
Ford County12,961939.56$95.39/mo
Franklin County38,4697No DataIcon representing missing value.9.05$87.74/mo
Fulton County34,3407110.17$83.77/mo
Gallatin County4,8287No DataIcon representing missing value.9.05$87.74/mo
Greene County12,9698No DataIcon representing missing value.10.92$95.16/mo
Grundy County51,0548610.10$64.49/mo
Hamilton County8,116819.36$87.10/mo
Hancock County17,7088No DataIcon representing missing value.9.55$87.77/mo
Hardin County3,8217No DataIcon representing missing value.9.06$87.74/mo
Henderson County6,646818.51$73.25/mo
Henry County48,9131449.60$77.03/mo
Iroquois County27,114929.52$95.76/mo
Jackson County56,750719.25$90.06/mo
Jasper County9,610818.49$80.03/mo
Jefferson County37,684819.30$91.03/mo
Jersey County21,7738No DataIcon representing missing value.10.29$100.22/mo
Jo Daviess County21,2355211.16$118.91/mo
Johnson County12,4178No DataIcon representing missing value.9.26$89.60/mo
Kane County532,40371212.17$85.58/mo
Kankakee County109,8624610.20$64.28/mo
Kendall County128,9909No DataIcon representing missing value.9.32$68.11/mo
Knox County49,6998No DataIcon representing missing value.9.28$77.46/mo
LaSalle County108,66911710.50$76.54/mo
Lake County696,5354610.20$64.28/mo
Lawrence County15,6787No DataIcon representing missing value.8.43$79.06/mo
Lee County34,0969710.56$71.32/mo
Livingston County35,648939.56$74.49/mo
Logan County28,618849.49$86.33/mo
Macon County104,009939.66$88.35/mo
Macoupin County44,9269No DataIcon representing missing value.10.09$100.73/mo
Madison County262,966969.63$91.77/mo
Marion County37,20511110.07$103.43/mo
Marshall County11,438928.36$65.38/mo
Mason County13,3597No DataIcon representing missing value.9.65$89.00/mo
Massac County13,772919.75$94.01/mo
McDonough County29,682759.62$85.04/mo
McHenry County307,7745611.36$76.62/mo
McLean County171,517869.10$81.26/mo
Menard County12,1967No DataIcon representing missing value.9.65$89.01/mo
Mercer County15,43710No DataIcon representing missing value.7.67$62.19/mo
Monroe County34,637819.49$91.17/mo
Montgomery County28,41410No DataIcon representing missing value.10.15$100.98/mo
Morgan County33,6589210.00$93.38/mo
Moultrie County14,50110110.48$89.91/mo
Ogle County50,6435510.69$71.43/mo
Peoria County179,179738.26$67.48/mo
Perry County20,916718.35$74.39/mo
Piatt County16,3441019.45$94.26/mo
Pike County15,5617210.31$94.84/mo
Pope County4,1778No DataIcon representing missing value.9.17$88.73/mo
Pulaski County5,3358No DataIcon representing missing value.10.53$98.75/mo
Putnam County5,7397No DataIcon representing missing value.8.72$75.26/mo
Randolph County31,782839.26$90.12/mo
Richland County15,5138No DataIcon representing missing value.8.58$80.15/mo
Rock Island County141,8791228.51$62.21/mo
Saline County23,4917No DataIcon representing missing value.9.06$87.74/mo
Sangamon County194,67212510.32$102.78/mo
Schuyler County6,7689No DataIcon representing missing value.9.50$88.36/mo
Scott County4,9517110.31$94.85/mo
Shelby County21,6349210.56$104.89/mo
St. Clair County259,68612210.56$103.00/mo
Stark County5,342717.96$66.02/mo
Stephenson County44,4986511.63$105.53/mo
Tazewell County131,803838.93$78.51/mo
Union County16,6537No DataIcon representing missing value.9.74$93.84/mo
Vermilion County75,758848.86$84.48/mo
Wabash County11,52010No DataIcon representing missing value.9.28$87.76/mo
Warren County16,8447No DataIcon representing missing value.9.11$79.12/mo
Washington County13,8877No DataIcon representing missing value.9.31$91.08/mo
Wayne County16,215919.49$87.07/mo
White County13,537819.46$86.88/mo
Whiteside County55,17511611.67$77.89/mo
Will County690,74351411.20$76.73/mo
Williamson County66,597829.11$88.41/mo
Winnebago County282,5725411.36$76.62/mo
Woodford County38,459918.50$68.30/mo

Power Plant Fuel Types, Emissions & Pollution Factors

The state of Illinois’s primary fuel type utilized for electricity generation is Nuclear. They generate 56.21% of the total production in the state from this fuel. Totaling Nuclear with Coal (21.31%) and Natural Gas (11.83%), the three fuel types make up 89.35% of the generation in the state. Approximately 3,023.36 kilograms of CO2 emissions per person are released in the state, ranking them as the 42nd highest polluter per capita in the country. While not as telling of a statistic, the total pollution of the state from electricity consumption is 38,311,512,180.8 kilograms of CO2 emissions, which ranks as the 13th highest in the US. There are 216 electricity plants in the state of Illinois, which is the 10th most plants in a state in the United States and equates to the 40th highest rate of power plants per capita.

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
WIND Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.
LANDFILL GAS Renewable, RefreshableIcon representing renewability.
Landfill Gas

Illinois Net Metering

Companies offering net metering in Illinois include Commonwealth Edison & Ameren Illinois & MidAmerican Energy. At the state level, Illinois has decent laws for consumers interested in installing personal solar.

Energy Loss

There are 60 companies in Illinois that reported energy loss, including Commonwealth Edison, City Water, Light and Power Springfield, and Naperville Electric. Combined, these 60 companies average an annual energy loss of 2.67% of electricity produced. The United States average for energy loss is 2.72%, which earns a rank of 40th worst in the country for Illinois in this category.

Solar Taxes And Rebates

When it comes to stimulating home installs of solar, one of the best uses of government resources is tax breaks and rebates for solar installs. Illinois currently does not offer a state tax credit for solar panel installation at a private residence. Residents in the state enjoy rebates for private solar installs of over $500. This is the highest amount we’ve seen in the nation. Unfortunately, residents in the state are only offered some optional tax exemptions for what they spend on solar installation. There is currently no sales tax exemption for consumers who install solar.

State Level Initiatives

Policies drawn up at the state level determine whether customers who are seeking renewable energy sources can easily find alternatives. Many states require green fuel types to be a percentage of the fuel used for electricity production. These guidelines are known as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). While further enhancements could be made, Illinois requires for 1-15% of electric generation to come from renewable fuel sources. In addition, low income solar programs are another way a state can encourage renewable fuel types and the state of Illinois is home to a program that does exactly that.

FAQ: Common Questions About Energy in Illinois

What is a good electricity rate in Illinois?

The average rate for electricity in Illinois in 2021 is 12.83 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh).

What electricity company is the largest provider in Illinois?

By total revenue, Commonwealth Edison is the largest electricity provider in Illinois.

What is the average electric bill in Illinois?

In 2021, Illinois has an average electricity bill of $93.

Where does Illinois get its electricity?

The primary fuel used for electricity generation in Illinois is Nuclear, making up 56.21% of the fuel used in the state. The second and third most used fuels are Coal and Natural Gas, which account for 21.31% and 11.83% of total production respectively.

What electricity companies are in Illinois?

State Customers RankArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State CustomersArrow DownBlue arrow pointing down.
1Commonwealth Edison2,910,597
2Ameren Illinois516,403
3Homefield Energy412,484
4MidAmerican Energy120,796
5City Water, Light and Power Springfield71,383
6Ambit Energy66,557
7Naperville Electric60,668
8Corn Belt Energy Corporation36,195
9SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative24,360
10Southwestern Electric Cooperative23,401

Does Illinois have a deregulated electricity market?

Yes, the state has a deregulated electricity market. This means that residents in the state can choose from multiple electricity providers to supply their electricity.

How many power plants are located within Illinois?

There are 216 power plants located in Illinois

How many electric companies offer service in Illinois?

There are 73 electricity providers serving customers in Illinois.

What is the cheapest electricity company in Illinois?

Residential Rate RankArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.ProviderArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.Residential Rate (¢)Arrow UpArrow pointing upwards.State CustomersArrow UpArrow pointing upwards.
1Homefield Energy5.60412,484
2Ambit Energy7.2766,557
3MidAmerican Energy8.30120,796
4Allendale, Illinois Electric Utility9.32259
5Fairfield, Illinois Electric Utility9.853,163
6Ameren Illinois10.06516,403
7Newton, Illinois Electric Utility10.681,634
8Norris Electric10.8019,888
9Peru Electric11.125,877
10Princeton Electric11.164,536

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