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About Exelon Corporation

With headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Exelon Corporation operates in 21 states throughout the country. There are 7,161,439 customers of the supplier. Exactly 6,565,326 of them are residential properties, 590,105 are commercial customers and 6,008 of them are industrial customers. The average residential electricity price for Exelon Corporation is approximately 9.13 cents per kilowatt hour. This is 32.20% lower than the US average price of 13.47 cents. In 2020 Exelon Corporation sold 205,652,310 megawatt hours to end users (known as retail sales) and 484,878,969 megawatt hours through wholesale channels to other providers. The electricity sourced by the company is made up of multiple sources of megawatt hours including 200,866,788 megawatt hours generated at electricity plants they own and 496,282,925 megawatt hours acquired by way of wholesale channels. Their total revenue for 2020 from electricity activities was $43,727,770,400, with 42.37% coming from wholesale electricity sales and 39.60% from retail sales to end users.

The average monthly residential electricity bill for a customer of Exelon Corporation is $70.74, while the national average is $119.32. Customers of the provider pay a 40.71% reduction compared to other citizens of the nation. The provider generates 84.45% (or 156,251,114.9 megawatt hours) of the electricity that it sells from nuclear power facilities. Based on megawatt hours generated, Exelon Corporation is the 3rd largest supplier out of 3510 in the US. The provider is 28th out of 3510 suppliers that we track in the country for total megawatt hours generated from wind turbines.

Energy Loss

Energy loss is a fact of life when dealing with electricity transmission. Exelon Corporation currently averages a loss of around 7.32% of the total electricity they generate. The nationwide average energy loss is 2.76%. This gives Exelon Corporation a ranking of 1309th best out of 3510 suppliers in the United States.

Exelon Corporation Rate & Electric Bills

Exelon Corporation residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in June.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWh Average Bill $0.098/kWh$0.081/kWh $97.83/mo.$50.81/mo.
319th 9.13¢ Exelon Corporation's Average residential price per kWh
233rd $70.74 Average monthly electricity bill for Exelon Corporation's residential customers

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Quick Facts About Exelon Corporation

Exelon Corporation produces 7,130,982.64 megawatt hours (or 3.85% of their total generation) from the use of sustainable fuels in their electricity production plants.

Exelon Corporation generates 0.49% of its total megawatt hours produced from solar fields, which is 203rd in the United States out of 3510 companies for percentage of total electricity production that comes from solar.

Exelon Corporation generates 96.15% of their total electricity generation from non-renewable fuel types. The total electricity produced from non-renewable sources is 177,894,007.23 megawatt hours, which is 2nd highest in the nation out of 3510 suppliers.

Exelon Corporation is 28th in the United States out of 3510 providers for total megawatt hours generated from hydroelectric power.

Exelon Corporation is the 3rd highest generator of electricity out of 3510 providers in the nation, producing 185,024,896.27 megawatt hours.

Exelon Corporation's electricity generation facilities generate 21,606,216.45 megawatt hours using natural gas.

Energy provider of the year for New Mexico, Major Provider Category
Highest Ratio of Renewable Electricity
New Mexico, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for Idaho, Major Provider Category
Highest Ratio of Renewable Electricity
Idaho, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for Maryland, Major Provider Category
Largest Producer of Renewable Electricity
Maryland, Major Provider Category
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Energy Loss

Exelon Corporation's energy loss due to business operations.


Total Energy Loss

5,957,854 MWh

1309  National Rank

Exelon Corporation Energy Makeup

Exelon Corporation Coverage Map

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Exelon Corporation State Coverage

State Customers Sales ($) State Rank Based On Revenue % of Provider's Residential Sales in State
Arizona 12 10,027,620 24
California 26 15,169,550 52
Colorado 1 333,000 70
Connecticut 1 64,710 37
Delaware 287,488 455,742,864 1 4.58%
District of Columbia 274,983 387,958,204 1 3.09%
Illinois 3,001,870 3,734,915,873 1 35.18%
Maine 12,018 92,843,000 1 0.11%
Maryland 1,662,511 2,776,417,069 1 28.08%
Massachusetts 4 704,300 55

Exelon Corporation County Coverage

County Population Providers Avg. County Rate (¢) Avg. Electric Bill
Anne Arundel County 588,261 7 15.08 $137.34/mo
Atlantic County 274,534 6 20.69 $147.53/mo
Baltimore County 854,535 7 15.00 $136.24/mo
Baltimore city 585,708 7 15.03 $136.62/mo
Boone County 53,448 4 15.34 $105.43/mo
Bucks County 646,538 10 15.30 $132.14/mo
Bureau County 33,244 9 13.77 $112.57/mo
Burlington County 461,860 9 18.44 $130.96/mo
Calvert County 92,783 8 15.30 $154.72/mo
Camden County 523,485 7 19.11 $133.62/mo

Power Plants Owned by Exelon Corporation

Plant City/County State Primary Fuel Type Production (MWh) Emission (kg) Emissions/MWh Toxic Chemical Release Closing Date
York County PA Nuclear 22,268,244
Byron Generating StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Ogle County IL Nuclear 19,969,652
Braidwood Generation StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Will County IL Nuclear 19,474,347
Montgomery County PA Nuclear 19,309,046
PSEG Salem Generating StationPSEG (57.41%)Exelon Corporation (42.59%)
Salem County NJ Nuclear 19,062,001
LaSalle Generating StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
LaSalle County IL Nuclear 18,504,745
Oswego County NY Nuclear 16,193,495
Rock Island County IL Nuclear 15,740,328
Calvert County MD Nuclear 14,993,633
Dresden Generating StationExelon Corporation (100.00%)
Grundy County IL Nuclear 14,956,680

Exelon Corporation Fuel Makeup

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Conventional Hydroelectric

Cities Exelon Corporation Has Coverage

* City coverage generated based on government data. Always verify you can get service from the provider.

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Exelon Corporation FAQ:

What is the average bundled bill for Exelon Corporation customers each month?

Currently, the average monthly bundled electric bill for customers of Exelon Corporation is $70.74. The United States average is $119.32 for bundled service.

What is the phone number for Exelon Corporation?

The Exelon Corporation phone number is (800) 483-3220.

What percentage of Exelon Corporation's electricity is generated from renewable fuel sources?

Exelon Corporation produces 3.85% of their electricity using renewable fuels.

What percentage of Exelon Corporation's electricity is generated using nonrenewable fuel types?

Electric plants owned by or associated with Exelon Corporation produce 96.15% of their electricity using nonrenewable fuels.

What is the average BUNDLED electricity rate for Exelon Corporation customers?

The average BUNDLED price of electricity for consumers of Exelon Corporation is 9.13 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh).

Who is the CEO of Exelon Corporation?

The current CEO of Exelon Corporation is Christopher M. Crane.

Does Exelon Corporation have any subsidiary companies?

Exelon Corporation is a parent company of Atlantic City Electric, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Commonwealth Edison, Delmarva Power, Constellation Energy, PECO Energy Company, and Potomac Electric Power Company.

How many states does Exelon Corporation sell electricity to?

Exelon Corporation offers service in 21 states.

What cities does Exelon Corporation provider electricity in?

Exelon Corporation provides electricity in 1105 cities in the US.

How many counties does Exelon Corporation offer service in?

There are 62 counties that receive at least some electricity coverage by Exelon Corporation.

How many power plants are owned by or associated with Exelon Corporation?

There are 145 power plants owned by or associated with Exelon Corporation.

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