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About NRG Energy

NRG Energy has their head offices in Houston, Texas and supplies electricity in 20 states in the United States. There are 3,067,866 customer accounts receiving service from the company. These customers are made up of 7,082 industrial customers, 275,311 commercialproperties and 2,785,473 residential properties. The residential electricity rate for consumers of NRG Energy is, on average, 13.14 cents per kilowatt hour. This is 3.90% below the national average price of 13.67 cents, resulting in the supplier ranking 1854th lowest for average electricity rate out of 2923 companies in the country. The company sold 148,388,350 megawatt hours in 2020 through traditional retail sales. The electricity sourced by the company is made up of primarily wholesale purchased megawatt hours, with 277,814,958 acquired by the company. Their total revenue for 2020 from electricity activities was $16,708,445,400, with 24.74% coming from sales to the wholesale electricity market.

The average monthly residential electric bill for a customer of NRG Energy is $146.31 per month, while the nationwide average is $120.97. Patrons of the supplier pay a 20.94% markup compared to other residents of the nation. The provider generates a total of 28,569,154.49 megawatt hours from the burning of coal. This is the 15th most in the country out of 3510 companies NRG Energy is the 14th largest electricity company out of 3510 providers in the US based on number of customers. Production from nuclear power facilities totaled 9,176,201.76 megawatt hours for the provider, which ranks them 31st out of 3510 suppliers in the United States.

Energy Loss

NRG Energy currently has a loss of approximately 2.47% of the electricity that they produce. This percentage of loss gives them a ranking of 264th best out of 3510 suppliers who report energy loss in the nation.

NRG Energy Rate & Electric Bills

NRG Energy residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in March.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.131/kWh$0.112/kWh$146.31/mo.$127.74/mo.
1854th13.14¢NRG Energy's Average residential price per kWh
2379th$146.31Average monthly electricity bill for NRG Energy's residential customers

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    Quick Facts About NRG Energy

    NRG Energy is 16th out of 3510 providers in the nation for total megawatt hours produced from solar energy.

    Generating 54,694,190.26 megawatt hours annually, NRG Energy is ranked 25th for total generation of all providers in the nation.

    NRG Energy is the 23rd largest generator of megawatt hours from non-renewable fuel types out of 3510 providers in the US.

    NRG Energy produces 14,928,032.79 megawatt hours using natural gas and ranks 40th out of 3510 suppliers in the US for total natural gas generation.

    NRG Energy generates 19,939.39 megawatt hours of electricity (or 0.04% of their total electricity production) from wind turbines.

    NRG Energy is 406th in the country out of the 3510 when considering the percentage of their fuel usage that comes from renewable fuel sources.

    Energy provider of the year for Minnesota, Major Provider Category
    Highest Ratio of Renewable Electricity
    Minnesota, Major Provider Category
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    Energy provider of the year for Maine, Major Provider Category
    Highest Ratio of Renewable Electricity
    Maine, Major Provider Category
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    Energy provider of the year for Florida, Major Provider Category
    Highest Ratio of Renewable Electricity
    Florida, Major Provider Category
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    Energy Loss

    NRG Energy's energy loss due to business operations.


    Total Energy Loss


    264 National Rank

    NRG Energy Energy Makeup

    NRG Energy Coverage Map

    Coverage Map Placeholder

    NRG Energy State Coverage

    StateCustomersSales ($)State Rank Based On Revenue% of Provider's Residential Sales in State
    District of Columbia8,318155,985,00030.19%

    NRG Energy County Coverage

    CountyPopulationProvidersAvg. County Rate (¢)Avg. Electric Bill
    Adams County103,852814.40$139.25/mo
    Adams County65,737613.98$125.31/mo
    Adams County27,477715.04$143.32/mo
    Albany County314,848817.80$119.59/mo
    Alexander County5,240714.44$130.75/mo
    Allegany County68,106613.85$142.49/mo
    Allegany County46,4561116.01$110.02/mo
    Allegheny County1,250,5781016.45$133.54/mo
    Allen County102,206714.96$143.67/mo
    Anderson County57,922611.03$117.77/mo

    Power Plants Owned by NRG Energy

    PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (kg)Emissions/MWhToxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
    Matagorda County TX Nuclear 20,855,004
    Thompsons TX Coal 14,816,762.8714,895,110,013.821,005.29
    Limestone County TX Coal 5,702,129.026,155,184,758.751,079.45Yes
    Watson CogenerationTesoro SoCal Cogen LLC (51.00%)NRG Energy (49.00%)
    Carson CA Natural Gas 2,941,105.01776,758,163.86264.1
    Chambers County TX Natural Gas 2,765,8841,709,339,201.78618.01
    Sunrise Power LLCNRG Energy (100.00%)
    Kern County CA Natural Gas 2,710,9511,022,234,327.8377.08
    Tazewell County IL Coal 2,701,3223,228,336,569.881,195.1Yes
    Waukegan IL Coal 2,083,2992,162,837,566.041,038.18Yes
    Houston TX Natural Gas 1,557,981828,329,688.34531.67
    Morgantown Generating PlantGenOn Energy Inc (100.00%)
    Charles County MD Coal 1,384,481.011,401,353,166.991,012.19Yes

    NRG Energy Fuel Makeup

    Natural Gas
    Natural Gas
    Natural Gas
    Other Gas

    Cities NRG Energy Has Coverage

    * City coverage generated based on government data. Always verify you can get service from the provider.

    Companies Associated with NRG Energy

    • Arthur Kill Power LLC
    • Boeve Windfarm LLC
    • Brook Street Solar 1, LLC
    • Camino Energy LLC
    • Discount Power
    • Discount Power Inc
    • First Solar Project Development
    • GenOn California South, LP
    • GenOn Canal, LLC
    • GenOn Chalk Point, LLC
    • GenOn Florida, LP
    • GenOn Mid-Atlantic LLC
    • GenOn New York, LLC
    • GenOn Power Midwest, LP
    • GenOn REMA, LLC
    • Gregory Power Partners LLC
    • Heritage Power
    • Indian River Power LLC
    • K-brink Windfarm, LLC
    • Life Energy
    • Midwest Generations EME LLC
    • NRG Astoria Gas Turbine Operations Inc
    • NRG Canal 3 Development LLC
    • NRG Cedar Bayou Development Company LLC
    • NRG Chalk Point CT
    • NRG DG Crystal Spring LLC
    • NRG DG Dighton LLC
    • NRG DG Foxborough Elm LLC
    • NRG DG Haverhill LLC
    • NRG DG Lakeland LLC
    • NRG DG Tufts Knoll LLC
    • NRG DG Tufts Science LLC
    • NRG DG Webster LLC
    • NRG Delta LLC
    • NRG Energy Center Eagles LLC
    • NRG Energy Center Paxton LLC
    • NRG Energy Center Phoenix LLC
    • NRG Energy Center San Diego LLC
    • NRG Energy Inc
    • NRG Homer City Services LLC
    • NRG MN Community LLC
    • NRG Montville Operations Inc
    • NRG Oswego Harbor Power Operations Inc
    • NRG Power Marketing LLC
    • NRG Renew Canal 1 LLC
    • NRG Solar Arrowhead LLC
    • NRG Solar Community 1 LLC
    • NRG Solar Las Vegas MB 1
    • NRG Solar Las Vegas MB 2
    • NRG Solar Mule, LLC
    • NRG Solar Oasis, LLC
    • NRG Texas Power LLC
    • NRG Wholesale Generation LP
    • Petra Nova Power I LLC
    • Power Express
    • Reliant Energy
    • Reliant Energy Northeast
    • Reliant Energy Power Supply
    • San Joaquin Energy Co
    • Solar Partners I LLC
    • Solar Partners II LLC
    • Solar Partners VIII LLC
    • Stream Energy Columbia
    • Stream Energy Delaware
    • Stream Energy Illinois
    • Stream Energy Maryland
    • Stream Energy New Jersey
    • Stream Energy New York
    • Stream Energy Pennsylvania
    • Stream Ohio Gas & Electric
    • Sunrise Power Co LLC
    • US Retailers, LLC
    • Vienna Power LLC
    • Volterra Energy
    • XOOM Energy Connecticut
    • XOOM Energy Delaware
    • XOOM Energy Illinois
    • XOOM Energy Maine LLC
    • XOOM Energy Maryland
    • XOOM Energy Massachusetts
    • XOOM Energy New Hampshire
    • XOOM Energy New Jersey
    • XOOM Energy New York
    • XOOM Energy Ohio
    • XOOM Energy Pennsylvania
    • XOOM Energy Rhode Island
    • XOOM Energy Texas
    • XOOM Energy Washington DC

    NRG Energy Reviews

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    NRG Energy FAQ:

    How many states does NRG Energy sell electricity in?

    NRG Energy offers service in 20 states throughout the United States including California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.

    How much is the average bundled bill for NRG Energy customers each month?

    Consumers of NRG Energy pay, on average, a monthly bundled bill of $146.31.

    What cities does NRG Energy supply electricity to?

    NRG Energy has customers in 7187 cities.

    What is the average BUNDLED electricity rate for NRG Energy customers?

    Consumers of NRG Energy, on average, have an electricity BUNDLED rate 13.14 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh).

    Does NRG Energy have any subsidiary companies?

    Direct Energy, Energy Plus, Green Mountain Energy, Stream Energy, GenOn Energy Inc, Cirro Energy, XOOM Energy, Reliant Energy, and Discount Power are owned by NRG Energy.

    How many counties does NRG Energy offer service in?

    NRG Energy supplies electricity to customers in 599 counties throughout the nation including California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania.

    How many power plants are owned by or associated with NRG Energy?

    NRG Energy owns or is associated with 29 power plants.

    What percentage of NRG Energy's electricity is generated using nonrenewable fuel sources?

    Power production plants owned by or associated with NRG Energy generate 96.68% of their electricity using nonrenewable fuel sources.

    Who is the CEO of NRG Energy?

    Mauricio Gutierrez is the CEO of NRG Energy.

    What percentage of NRG Energy's electricity is generated using renewable fuel types?

    NRG Energy produces 3.32% of their electricity from renewable fuel types.

    What is the phone number for NRG Energy?

    The NRG Energy phone number is (855) 500-8703.

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    Published: 2021-05-11Last Updated: 2022-03-13