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About Calpine

Calpine is a retail power marketer. A retail power marketer is a company that offers their services in deregulated electricity markets where customers are able to purchase electricity from multiple different providers. With 152,362 total customers, the supplier serves 97 industrial properties, 4,123 commercial accounts and 148,142 residential locations. Calpine averages 10.95 cents per kilowatt hour billed to their consumers for residential electricity. Fortunately for their customers, this price is lower than the nationwide average rate of 13.67 cents per kilowatt hour. A total of 299,999,360 megawatt hours were sold to wholesale customers. The electricity sourced by Calpine is made up of primarily wholesale purchased megawatt hours, with 351,771,321 megawatt hours procured by the company. The revenue for the company in 2020 from electricity sales was $11,346,285,500, with $8,581,899,500 coming from wholesale electricity sales and $2,764,386,000 from retail sales to end users.

The US average monthly residential electric bill is $120.97, while the Calpine average is 24.01% higher at $150.02 per month. Calpine is the 2439th ranked supplier in the country for average monthly bill amount. By megawatt hours generated, Calpine is the 13th largest provider out of 3510 in the country. Calpine is ranked as the 13th highest total electricity producer out of 3510 companies in the US. Generation by the supplier from natural gas totals 96,271,431.29 megawatt hours, which is about 93.89% of their total production.

Energy Loss

Calpine recently reported an annual loss of around 0.06% of the electricity that they transmit. Loss of energy due to heat dissipation during electricity transmission and other causes is part of being in the electricity production industry and providers must report these losses. This percentage of loss results in them receiving a rank of 23rd best out of 3510 suppliers reporting energy loss in the nation.

Calpine Rate & Electric Bills

Calpine residential electric rates are highest in January and the highest average bill is in November.

Historical Electricity Rates:

Price Per kWhAverage Bill$0.109/kWh$0.103/kWh$155.59/mo.$133.82/mo.
854th10.95¢Calpine's Average residential price per kWh
2439th$150.02Average monthly electricity bill for Calpine's residential customers

Calpine Overview

Calpine Contact

Calpine Service

  • Outage Phone:(888) 896-8640

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Quick Facts About Calpine

Calpine generates 5,490 megawatt hours of electricity (or 0.01% of their total production) from solar fields.

Calpine is 373rd out of the 3510 providers in the United States when considering the percentage of their fuel usage that comes from renewable fuels.

Calpine is the 11th largest producer of megawatt hours from non-renewable fuel types in the nation.

Energy provider of the year for National, Major Provider Category
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Energy provider of the year for National, Major Provider Category
Top 10 Lowest Energy Loss
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Energy Loss

Calpine's energy loss due to business operations.


Total Energy Loss


23 National Rank

Calpine Energy Makeup

Calpine State Coverage

StateCustomersSales ($)State Rank Based On Revenue% of Provider's Residential Sales in State
District of Columbia8212,629,8008
New Hampshire5814,397,10016

Power Plants Owned by Calpine

PlantCity/CountyStatePrimary Fuel TypeProduction (MWh)Emission (kg)Emissions/MWhToxic Chemical ReleaseClosing Date
York Energy CenterCalpine (100.00%)
York County PA Natural Gas 7,411,7122,870,795,946.07387.33
Deer Park Energy CenterCalpine (100.00%)
Harris County TX Natural Gas 7,103,4852,483,795,533.38349.66
Freestone County TX Natural Gas 5,966,7882,233,886,382.28374.39
Guadalupe Generating StationCalpine (100.00%)
Guadalupe County TX Natural Gas 5,616,5032,084,160,666.14371.08
Geysers Unit 5-20Calpine (100.00%)
Sonoma County CA Geothermal 4,623,125
Baytown Energy CenterCalpine (100.00%)
Chambers County TX Natural Gas 4,580,3751,620,651,587.24353.83
Hermiston Power PartnershipCalpine (100.00%)
Umatilla County OR Natural Gas 4,298,5851,645,977,974.2382.91
Bosque County PeakingCalpine (100.00%)
Bosque County TX Natural Gas 4,296,8121,606,273,070.08373.83
Delta Energy CenterCalpine (100.00%)
Pittsburg CA Natural Gas 4,118,2651,595,682,347.14387.46
Morgan Energy CenterCalpine (100.00%)
Morgan County AL Natural Gas 4,068,6791,519,990,293.92373.58

Calpine Fuel Makeup

Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Other Gas
Distillate Fuel Oil

Companies Associated with Calpine

  • Baytown Energy Center
  • Brazos Valley Energy
  • Calpine Bethlehem LLC
  • Calpine Bosque Energy Center LLC
  • Calpine Central LP
  • Calpine Corp
  • Calpine Corp - Hidalgo
  • Calpine Corp King City
  • Calpine Corp Magic Valley
  • Calpine Corp Metcalf Energy Center
  • Calpine Corp Pastoria Energy Center
  • Calpine Corp Sutter
  • Calpine Corp Yuba City
  • Calpine Corporation
  • Calpine Corpus Christi
  • Calpine Eastern Corp
  • Calpine Energy Services LP
  • Calpine Fore River Energy Center LLC
  • Calpine Gilroy Cogen LP
  • Calpine King City Cogen LLC
  • Calpine Mid Atlantic Generation LLC
  • Calpine Mid Merit LLC
  • Calpine New Jersey Generation LLC
  • Calpine Pasadena TX
  • Calpine Power Management LLC
  • Calpine Vineland Solar LLC
  • Creed Energy Center LLC
  • Deer Park Energy Center
  • Delta Energy Center LLC
  • Freestone Power Generation LLC
  • Geysers Power Co LLC
  • Gilroy Energy Center LLC
  • Gilroy Energy Center for Riverview
  • Goose Haven Energy Center
  • Granite Ridge Energy LLC
  • Guadalupe Power Partners LP
  • Hermiston Power Partnership
  • Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility LLC
  • Los Medanos Energy Center
  • Morgan Energy Center LLC
  • Nissequoque Cogen Partners
  • Noble Americas Energy Solutions
  • OLS Energy-Agnews Inc.
  • Otay Mesa Energy Center LLC
  • Pine Bluff Energy LLC
  • South Point Energy Center LLC
  • Texas City Cogeneration LLC
  • Westbrook Energy Center
  • Zion Energy LLC

Calpine Reviews

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Calpine FAQ:

What percentage of Calpine's electricity is produced from renewable fuel sources?

Power plants owned by or associated with Calpine produce 5.44% of their electricity using renewable fuel types.

Does Calpine have any subsidiary companies?

Calpine is a parent company of Champion Energy Services.

How many states does Calpine provider electricity to?

Calpine sells electricity to customers in 19 states.

Who is the CEO of Calpine?

Calpine's current CEO is Jim Wood.

What is the average bundled bill for Calpine customers each month?

Calpine currently has an average monthly bundled electric bill of $150.02, compared to the national of $120.97 for bundled service.

What is the average BUNDLED electricity rate for Calpine customers?

Calpine's current average BUNDLED electricity rate is 10.95 cents per kilowatt hour (¢/kWh), compared to the average US BUNDLED rate of 13.67 cents.

What percentage of Calpine's electricity is generated from nonrenewable fuels?

Electric plants owned by or associated with Calpine generate 94.56% of their electricity from nonrenewable fuel sources.

Does Calpine have a parent company?

Calpine is a subsidiary of Energy Capital Partners.

What is the phone number for Calpine?

Calpine's customer service phone number is (877) 273-6772

How many power plants are owned by or associated with Calpine?

There are 56 power plants owned by or associated with Calpine.

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